Zakat Foodstuff Ramadan Sale

Experience the Spirit of Ramadan with Reesha’s Zakat Foodstuff Sale

Indulge in the essence of Ramadan with Reesha’s exclusive Zakat foodstuff sale. As a leading B2B food supplier in Dubai, we’re committed to providing premium quality essentials for the holy month. Here’s what makes our sale special:

  • Quality Selection: Explore a wide range of high-quality foodstuff items perfect for your Ramadan needs.
  • Special Discounts: Enjoy special discounts and offers on our Zakat food products, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.
  • Reliable Service: With Reesha, you can trust in prompt delivery and excellent customer service, making your shopping experience hassle-free.
  • Support a Cause: By purchasing from our Zakat foodstuff sale, you’re also contributing to charitable causes, spreading blessings during this sacred time.

Elevate your Ramadan preparations with Reesha’s Zakat foodstuff sales. Shop now and embrace the spirit of giving while stocking up on essentials for the month ahead!

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Ramadan Zakat Donation Food Kit - Reesha Foodstuff Trading

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Ready Stock Available

  1. Sugar ICUMSA 45
  2. Special Ramadan Dates Premium Quality (Ready to Deliver African Market)
  3. Wheat Flour Chakki Fresh Atta
  4. Rice - Sella Rice, Steam Rice, Palakkadan Matta Rice, Jeerakasala Rice
  5. Cooking Oil - Sunflower Oil & Vegetable Oil
  6. Pulses
  7. Whole Spices


  • Rice consumer packaging private labelling
  • Sugar consumer packaging private labelling
  • Pulses Consumer packaging private labelling
  • Whole spices consumer packaging private labelling

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