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Import & Export

Reesha general trading LLC imports market premium high-quality demandable food products from Local Markets and international. On the other hand, we export our products to regional and international markets. Provide best services as importer and exporter of food products in the UAE.

Being an international food supplier and wholesale food supplier in the middle east Reesha General Trading LLC’s well-equipped processing plant, knowledge, power, expertise, and food export quality provides a quick market nearness that in any case would take a very long time to construct.

Food Safety

Businesses are required to make sure the food they handle, store, display, and sell is safe and suitable for people to eat. We feel Highly responsible to provide our customers with safe and wholesome food. Safety at “Reesha General trading LLC” is not an option but it is an essential part of the planning, preparation, production, and distribution of foodstuff.

Product Development

Reesha General trading LLC focus on completing the process of delivering a new product or improving an existing one for customers. Our focus is not only on the distribution of products to you but also boost brand awareness and growth. As we are responsible for the following aspects: Product Registration, approval and development, Brand Positioning and Price strategy, Distribution and Promotion assistance, Product, and packaging solutions, added value services, Private labeling.

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Warehouse facility

We have the best logistics and warehouse facility in the UAE. And we have strategically situated our office and warehouse to allow easy access and maintain the highest standards and follow regulatory requirements. It is our aim to deal with reliability. We have the capability and competence to provide prompt and quick deliveries to our customers throughout the region we serve.

Premium Quality

We define our exceptional quality by evaluating the ingredients, freshness, safety, taste, nutritive value, and appearance of all the products we supply. Our team comprises highly dedicated & trained professionals to perform various functions such as purchase, quality control packaging, and much more. Our reputation is built on customer care and high-quality products.

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