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Popcorn Human Consumption


Best Quality Reesha Popcorn: Your Ultimate Wholesale B2B Supplier in GCC and African Countries It’s Pure | It’s Natural | It’s Healthy Always in All Ways… When it comes to enjoying a delicious and wholesome snack, popcorn stands out as a timeless favorite for people of all ages. Whether you’re at the movies, hosting a …

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Wheat Flour in Africa

Elevate Your Baking with Reesha – Top Quality Wheat Flour Supplier in Africa Wheat flour is the backbone of countless delicious recipes worldwide, and when it comes to baking perfection, choosing the right flour is paramount. In Africa, Reesha stands tall as the go-to supplier for top-quality wheat flour. Let’s explore why Reesha’s wheat flour …

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Premium Reesha Milk Powder IFFMP 28/19% - Leading B2B Wholesale Supplier in Dubai, UAE

Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder

Reesha Milk Powder IFFMP 28/19%: Your Top Choice for Quality and Nutrition Are you in search of the finest quality powdered milk for your business needs? Look no further than Reesha Milk Powder, a leading B2B wholesale supplier based in Dubai, UAE. Our Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder (IFFMP) offers an exceptional combination of 28% …

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Ready Stock Available

  • Full Cream Milk Powder 2.5kg & 25kg
  • Black Pepper G/L 500
  • Sardines in Vegetable Oil Net. 125g
  • 100% PURE SUNFLOWER OIL 17 Liter
  • SUGAR ICUMSA 45, Brazil Sugar


Origin: Turkey, Indian, Pakistan & UAE

100% Pure Sunflower Oil
CIF Tema Port Ghana & also Indian Sugar S30 Available on Bookings For Middle East, East & West Africa. 

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