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If you’re searching for a dependable foodstuff companies in UAE,you have come to the right place. Reesha, General Trading is here to help you. Our priority is to provide our customers with high-quality food products and services that cater to their diverse needs. Whether you require wholesale food supplies or premium halal food products, we have everything you need.

Our Wide Range of Food Products and Services

At Reesha, we take pride in offering a wide range of food products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Here are some of the products and services that we offer:
Wheat: We source our wheat from top-quality suppliers and is rich in nutrients. It is best make a variety of food products such as bread, pasta, and cakes.

Rice: We offer different varieties of rice such as Basmati, Jasmine, and Sella rice, which are known for their distinct flavor and aroma. They are perfect for making various rice dishes like biryanis, fried rice, and more.

Pulses: Reesha’s pulses include a variety of lentils such as Moong, Chana, and Masoor. These pulses are rich in protein and are suitable to make delicious and healthy meals like dals and curries.

Sunflower oil: Our sunflower oil is rich in Vitamin E and is perfect for cooking and frying. It has a light taste and is suitable for different types of cuisines. Due to perfect packing you get double the benefits of sunflower oil.

Spices: The spices that we offer include a range of aromatic and flavourful spices such as cumin, coriander, turmeric, and more. These spices is perfect to add flavor and depth to your cooking.

Milk powder: Reesha’s milk powder is a product of high-quality milk and is perfect for making desserts, milkshakes, and other milk-based dishes.

Canned food: Our canned food range includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats. These canned foods are perfect for quick and easy meal preparations.

Pasta: Our pasta is made from top-quality wheat and is perfect for making delicious pasta dishes like spaghetti, macaroni, and more.

Sugar: Sugar of Reesha is made from high-quality sugar cane and is perfect for sweetening desserts and beverages.

Wholesale Food Supplies and Distribution Services

We understand that many businesses need a reliable source of food supplies to keep their operations running smoothly. Hence, we offer wholesale food supplies and distribution services to our clients. As you read above, we have a wide range of food products available, including wheat, rice, animal feeds, pulses, sunflower oil, spices, milk powder, canned food, pasta, and sugar. Moreover, we also deliver the products to your desirable destination, making it convenient for you to manage your business operations.

International Food Trading and Import-Export Services

If you’re looking to import or export food products, Reesha can help. We offer international food trading and import-export services to our clients. With an extensive network of suppliers and customers around the world, we source the best products at competitive prices. We can also help you with the logistics of shipping and customs clearance, ensuring that your products are delivered on time and in good condition.

High-Quality Halal Food Products for Customers in UAE and Abroad

At Reesha, we understand the gravity of halal food products for our Muslim customers. That’s why we offer a wide range of high-quality halal food products, including meat, poultry, and processed foods. We ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and hygiene, giving our customers peace of mind. Our halal food products are also available for export to other countries, making it easier for customers abroad to access high-quality halal food products.

As it is Ramadan we are more than welcome to have you taste our delicious food products. Reesha is proud to provide Halal food especially during this season.

In conclusion, Reesha Your Worldwide Food Stuff Traders is a reliable one among foodstuff companies in UAE, offering a wide range of food products and services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you’re looking for wholesale food supplies, international food trading and import-export services, or high-quality halal food products, we can help. Explore our offerings today and see how we can help you grow your business.

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