Basmati Rice Exporters to Qatar: Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff Company

Basmati Rice Exporters to Qatar

Are you looking for Basmati exporters to Qatar? Then you’re in for a treat! We are thrilled to share that Qatar has been importing high-quality Basmati rice from India and we, Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff Company stand out among the rest. Our flagship product Basmati Pure 1121 Golden Sella is gaining popularity for its exceptional quality and delightful taste. Let’s dive deeper into what makes our Basmati rice the top choice for Qatari consumers.

Basmati Rice: A Culinary Delight

Before we explore the export process let’s take a moment to appreciate the exceptional qualities of Basmati rice. Originating from the foothills of the Himalayas Basmati rice is cherished for its long slender grains that elongate when cooked. Its aromatic fragrance reminiscent of sweet-smelling pandan leaves and nutty flavors adds an exquisite touch to any dish.

Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff: Your Trusted Rice Exporters Qatar

When it comes to exporting Basmati rice to Qatar we, Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff Company, stand out prominently. With our stellar reputation in the industry we have established ourselves as a reliable and quality-driven exporter of Basmati rice. We take pride in bringing the finest grains to your table.

Basmati Pure 1121 Golden Sella

  • Packing: 4×10Kg NWB
  • Origin: India
  • Length: 8.35MM
  • Brand: Reesha Gold
  • 20 feet 25 Tons
  • 20 feet 625-Bags 40kg

Basmati Pure 1121 Golden Sella: The Epitome of Excellence

Among our impressive range of Basmati rice products Basmati Pure 1121 Golden Sella takes center stage. We meticulously select each grain to ensure uniformity in length and appearance with an average length of 8.35MM. Our brand “Reesha Gold,” guarantees premium quality and an authentic Basmati experience.

Basmati Rice Exporters to Qatar: Ensuring Freshness and Quality

We take pride in our efficient export process ensuring that our Basmati rice reaches its destination in Qatar with the utmost freshness and quality.We meticulously pack the rice in 4×10kg NWB (Net Weight Basis) packages to safeguard the grains from any damage during transit. Our team handles each package with care, preserving the natural aroma, flavor, and nutritional value of our Basmati Pure 1121 Golden Sella.

Meeting Demand with Quantity and Precision

A standard 20-foot container carries an impressive 25 tons of Basmati rice equivalent to 625 bags weighing 40kg each. This ample supply allows us to meet the needs of wholesalers, retailers and ultimately the consumers who relish the rich flavors of Basmati rice.

In conclusion, With our premium offering Basmati Pure 1121 Golden Sella, we ensure that the fragrant grains of Basmati rice reach the dining tables of Qatar with unparalleled quality and flavor. So, the next time you savor a plate of aromatic Basmati rice in Qatar remember the incredible journey it took to reach your plate and the efforts of companies like ours in making it possible. Trust us to deliver the finest Basmati rice to satisfy your culinary desires.


What are the top-rated Basmati rice exporters to Qatar?

Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff Company is one of the top-rated Basmati rice exporters to Qatar.

Which suppliers are trusted Basmati rice exporters to Qatar?

Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff Company is a trusted Basmati rice exporter to Qatar.

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