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Bulk sugar wholesale suppliers deal with the distribution and sale of large quantities of sugar to various industries and businesses at a very discounted price. The market is dominated by a few major players but there are also many smaller food product suppliers and food trading companies in Dubai such as Reesha that specialise in the wholesale of bulk sugar.

The food and beverage industry is one of the main industries that rely on bulk sugar. Sugar is a fundamental ingredient in many food products such as baked goods, candy, and soft drinks.

It is also used as a sweetener and preservative in many processed foods. As such the food and beverage industry requires large quantities of sugar to meet the demands of consumers.

Bulk sugar is important to food and beverage manufacturers because it allows them to purchase large quantities of sugar at a lower price than if they were to buy smaller quantities. This in turn helps to reduce the overall cost of production which is beneficial for both the manufacturers and the consumers.

Additionally, bulk sugar is also easier to store and transport which is an important consideration for manufacturers who need to keep large stocks of sugar on hand.

Reesha is a bulk sugar whilesale supplier that plays a major role in supplying bulk sugar to food and beverage manufacturers in the GCC, Africa and Asia regions helping them reduce their cost of production.

The ability to purchase large quantities of sugar at a lower cost along with the ease of storage and transport make bulk sugar a vital ingredient for the food and beverage industry.

Types of Bulk Sugar Available

Bulk sugar is available in various forms and the most common types include granulated, powdered, and liquid sugar. Granulated sugar also known as white sugar is the most widely used form of sugar. It is made by refining sugarcane or sugar beets and is available in a variety of granule sizes.

Powdered sugar also known as confectioners sugar is made by grinding granulated sugar into a fine powder. It is often used in baking and as a sweetener for beverages. Liquid sugar also known as liquid glucose or corn syrup is a thick, sweet liquid that is made from the hydrolysis of starch.

Granulated White Sugar

Granulated white sugar, also known as table sugar or simple sugar is a common sweetener that is widely used in cooking and baking. It is made from sugarcane or sugar beets and is composed of sucrose molecules. 

The process of making granulated white sugar involves extracting the juice from the sugarcane or sugar beets and then purifying and crystallising it. The resulting crystals are then ground and sifted to produce the fine granules that are familiar to most people.

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is a type of sugar that is made by mixing granulated white sugar with molasses. The amount of molasses that is added to the white sugar determines the colour and flavour of the brown sugar.

Brown sugar is considered a more natural form of sugar as compared to white sugar as it contains small amounts of minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron. 

Powdered Sugar

Powdered sugar also known as confectioners sugar or icing sugar is a finely ground form of granulated white sugar that is often used in baking and cooking. It is made by grinding white sugar to a powdery consistency and then adding a small amount of cornstarch to prevent clumping. 

The result is a powdery sweet substance that is easy to dissolve and can be used as a sweetener or a thickener in a variety of recipes.

Raw Sugar

Raw sugar also known as unrefined sugar is a type of sugar that is minimally processed and retains some of the natural impurities found in sugarcane or sugar beets. It is made by extracting the juice from the sugarcane or sugar beets and then crystallising it without purifying it. 

The result is a golden-brown coloured sugar that has a slightly coarser texture and a more complex flavour than refined white sugar. It is also known to contain small amounts of minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron. Due to its minimally processed nature, it is considered a more natural form of sugar.

Reesha Wholesale Sugar Supplier

Reesha is a leading bulk sugar wholesale supplier in Dubai, Middle East and African countries. We specialise in providing bulk sugar to various businesses like supermarkets, restaurants, food manufacturers, and confectioneries. Our goal is to ensure that our customers have access to a steady and consistent supply of sugar which is why we offer our products in bulk.

Our team of experts works hard to ensure that the sugar we provide is sourced from the best farms and processed in modern facilities. We import sugar from some of the world’s top sugar-producing countries such as India, Brazil, Thailand and Europe. These countries are known for producing high-quality sugar that is free from impurities and meets international standards.

We carefully inspect each batch of sugar before it is shipped to our customers to ensure that it meets our strict quality standards. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service and we always strive to exceed their expectations.

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