Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder

Reesha Milk Powder IFFMP 28/19%: Your Top Choice for Quality and Nutrition

Are you in search of the finest quality powdered milk for your business needs? Look no further than Reesha Milk Powder, a leading B2B wholesale supplier based in Dubai, UAE. Our Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder (IFFMP) offers an exceptional combination of 28% minimum fat content and 19% protein, making it the top choice for businesses in need of premium powdered milk. Let’s delve into what sets Reesha Milk Powder apart and why it’s the ideal choice for your needs.

The Essence of Quality

At Reesha, we understand that quality is paramount when it comes to powdered milk. Our stringent quality control measures ensure that you receive a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

IFFMP: The Gold Standard

Our Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder (IFFMP) stands as a testament to our dedication to quality. With a minimum fat content of 28% and a protein content of 19%, it’s a cut above the rest. This superior nutritional profile makes it a valuable ingredient for various applications, from food processing to bakery and confectionery.

European Origins, Global Trust

We take pride in sourcing our IFFMP from trusted European countries, including Malaysia and Poland. By choosing Reesha Milk Powder, you’re embracing the very best of European dairy expertise.

Private/Reesha: A Symbol of Excellence

Our product carries the Private/Reesha brand, a mark of distinction in the world of powdered milk. When you see this label, you can trust that you’re getting a product of uncompromising quality and nutritional value.

African Market: Our Commitment

At Reesha, we understand the unique needs of the African market. That’s why we’re fully prepared to serve your wholesale powdered milk requirements. Our commitment to quality and timely delivery ensures that you can rely on us as your trusted partner.

Reesha Milk Powder IFFMP 28/19% represents the pinnacle of quality and nutrition in the powdered milk industry. With its exceptional fat and protein content, European origins, and the Private/Reesha brand, it’s the perfect choice for businesses seeking the very best. Whether you’re in the food processing industry or the bakery sector, Reesha Milk Powder is your ticket to excellence.

Ready to experience the Reesha difference? Contact us today to discuss your requirements and take the first step toward elevating your business with the best-quality powdered milk.

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