Are Jute Bags for Black Pepper a Good Storage Option?

Black pepper is a spice that makes everything better in a dish. It is hard to find an authentic spicy recipe without these tiny little dried fruits. As such, black pepper is often stored in bulk. But, storing them is not child’s play. They need to stay fresh without going bad for a long time. Jute bags for black pepper become important here.

Jute bags for black pepper are the best option for storage. They are sustainable, biodegradable, cost-effective, durable and have many other benefits. Due to the immense advantages of jute bags, these are preferred by many black pepper suppliers.

Let’s venture more into the details.

Why are Jute Bags for Black Pepper in High Demand in Dubai?

As a black pepper supplier in Dubai, Reesha puts effort into bringing fresh products into the market.  We used many storage methods and found that jute bags work best for many reasons.

Production of jute bags incurs minimal cost. This is beneficial for a black pepper supplier. Unlike plastic bags, these are not that costly. And they are lightweight.  This reduces transportation costs and other related expenses significantly.

We export black pepper to other GCC countries. Over the years, with the adoption of jute bags, we reduced a lot of expenses. As a result, the profit margin increased. Similarly, black pepper suppliers and wholesalers are now looking for jute bags more than anything.

Best for Spices Like Pepper

Pepper is aromatic. The smell adds to its specialty. And that is why black pepper rules over other spices. When used, it enhances the other spices in a dish making it tastier and refreshing. 

When packed the right way, the aroma of pepper stays intact. Its quality and flavor remain the same as long as it is stored. Atmospheric moisture, heat and humidity shall not affect the package or else the flavor will be lost. Fungi attack dried spices if the packing lacks enough airflow. As a result, mold formation happens.

Jute bags are the best option for storage in this way. The packing is breathable. It lets optimal airflow and keeps the product safe, fresh and dry at all times. 

Environment-Friendly Packages

Jute is environment-friendly due to its origin. They are made from a plant and hence do not harm nature in any way. 

Their processing is simple.

The stem of the jute plant is pulled apart from the outer skin of the jute plant. Then, the stem is submerged in slow-running water for some time. When soaked, the non-fibrous part comes off. This is scraped off, leaving the strong fibers.

The manufacturers then convert these fibers into products through weaving. The fibers when woven turns into a durable strong cover, cloth or anything that is pretty useful.

If you see here, there is nothing that harms the environment. A substance from nature is processed to produce something useful without any adulteration. Unlike plastic, jute is guilt-free. It is pure and hence completely green.

A Way to Promote Your Business

Yes, that is right. Jute bags are also a way for you to promote your business. And that too in a classy way.

Jute fiber is coarse. If you touch it, you can feel the hard fibers gracing your skin. This is the reason why some black pepper suppliers and spice sellers use jute bags for sales. The fibers give an authentic look to the package. And if the company logo is printed it becomes personalized and branded.

The jute bags are durable. They do not perish easily. As a result, the bags that the customers take home are a simple way of advertising. Unlike plastic, the bags will be used repeatedly for storing different things. It becomes even more useful as some keep the bags for decoration purposes. Your logo stays on it forever.

Many businesses use jute bags for promotional purposes today. And this includes hampers, gift boxes, little bundles for special occasions etc.

Is it Viable to Have a Jute Bag Processing Unit in a Black Pepper Supplier Company?

If you are a black pepper supplier, you can try to include a jute processing unit if the cost of the initial setup is affordable. This way, you get jute bags without much effort and can save money and time.

However, jute is not easily available in the UAE. Most of the jute that the country receives comes from India. The climate, soil and geography do matter. Jute needs a warm and wet environment. Alluvial soil is the most fertile option for growing jute. All the significant factors shall come into play for the successful cultivation of the plant.

Jute Bags for Black Pepper  – a Green, Affordable and Profitable Change

Adopt the change for the better and use jute bags for storing black pepper in bulk. Being a black pepper supplier, we recommend this method of storage from years of experience. Reesha supplies top-quality black pepper in clean packages for various businesses across the UAE. To know more about our products, get in touch.

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