Rice Suppliers in Cotonou, West Africa: The Finest Reesha Thai White Rice Long Grain

rice suppliers in cotonou

When it comes to finding the best rice suppliers in Cotonou Benin City republic of Congo in West Africa one name that stands out is Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff Company. Known for Reesha’s commitment to quality. We offer a remarkable product: Thai White Rice Long Grain.

Cotonou, the bustling economic hub of Benin in West Africa, is home to a diverse array of rice suppliers catering to the region’s growing demand for high-quality grains. Let’s delve into the details and discover why Reesha Thai White Rice Long Grain is the top choice for rice enthusiasts in Cotonou .

Top Rice Suppliers in Cotonou Benin City Republic of Congo in West Africa

Reesha wholesale foodstuff company is one of the top rice suppliers in Cotonou. Reesha Thai White Rice Long Grain is sourced from Thailand a country renowned for its rice production expertise. Thai rice has gained a stellar reputation worldwide for its superior taste, texture and aroma. By selecting rice from this region Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff Company ensures that customers in Cotonou receive nothing short of the best. Rest assured when you choose Reesha you’re choosing a product with an impeccable origin .

Product Specifications

  • Origin: Thailand
  • Length: 6mm
  • Packing: 1×50KG PP bags
  • Quantity in a 20 feet container: 27 tons
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 5 full container loads (FCL)

Packaging and Quantity

To ensure convenience and freshness Reesha Thai White Rice Long Grain is packed in 1×50KG PP bags. These bags are durable and protect the rice from moisture and external elements preserving its quality for an extended period. Whether you’re a household or a business the 50-kilogram packaging provides you with a substantial supply to meet your requirements .
For those in need of larger quantities Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff Company offers 20-feet containers that can hold up to 27 tons of rice. This option is ideal for wholesalers, distributors and businesses with significant demand.

Grain Length and Culinary Delight

Reesha Thai White Rice Long Grain boasts a grain length of 6mm striking the perfect balance between long and short-grain rice. This attribute makes it a versatile choice for various culinary dishes. The 6mm grain length allows for even cooking and provides a delightful mouthfeel in every bite. Whether you’re preparing savory stir-fries, aromatic biryanis or comforting rice bowls Reesha Thai White Rice Long Grain will elevate your culinary creations .

Minimum Order Quantity and Efficiency

Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff Company maintains a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 5 Full Container Loads (FCL). This requirement ensures a streamlined supply chain and efficient logistics for commercial buyers. By setting this standard Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff Company guarantees that your orders will be handled smoothly.

In conclusion, When it comes to rice suppliers in Cotonou Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff Company stands out with its exceptional product Thai White Rice Long Grain. Whether you require a small or large quantity Reesha has you covered. With a grain length of 6mm, this rice ensures a delightful culinary experience in every dish. Trust Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff Company for your rice needs and enjoy the finest Thai White Rice Long Grain in Cotonou .


Best rice suppliers in Cotonou: Where can I find them?

The best rice suppliers in Cotonou include Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff Company.

Reliable rice suppliers in Cotonou: Who can I trust?

Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff Company is a reliable rice supplier in Cotonou that you can trust.

Affordable rice suppliers in Cotonou: Where can I get the best deals?

For affordable rice suppliers in Cotonou, consider Reesha Wholesale Foodstuff Company for the best deals.

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