Wholesale Rice Supplier in Egypt

Wholesale Rice Supplier in Egypt

The Best Wholesale Rice Supplier in Egypt

As one of the leading food product suppliers in the UAE, our company has several years of experience exporting to nearby nations. Egypt is one of our major buyers.

Reesha General Trading is now the leading wholesale rice supplier in Egypt. We export rice in bulk to the neighboring country, packed hygienically, at competitive prices.

Reesha, as a wholesale rice supplier, gives some promises that make us a trusted exporter.

Egypt’s Need for Imported Rice

Before becoming an established wholesale rice supplier in Egypt, we explored the conditions there. Although rice is a staple food in  Egypt, the climatic conditions are not favorable for rice cultivation. Egypt has therefore always depended on rice imports to meet its market needs.

Hence, we communicated with a few in the country and got to know about their needs. Slowly but efficiently, we managed to build a rice-supplying framework for Egypt. This framework has proven successful, and today we are the leading UAE-based wholesale rice supplier in Egypt.

High-quality Rice Products 

We select our rice grains carefully. The source is important when it comes to hygiene. Hence, we choose only the best in the field. We take time to find farmers who are genuine in their work. And sourcing from them gives us the comfort of having good grains that are unadulterated.

These grains are then processed and made pure. Following this, they are packed without human intervention. But our employees will supervise the process to make sure only the best of the best reach the market.

A Wide Range of Rice Products

There is a wide range of rice products. For instance, there is long-grain rice suitable for certain dishes, while short-grain rice is best for making pudding or sushi. Medium-grain rice, on the other hand, is good for risotto or paella. Thus, the demand for rice changes depending on the needs of the customer.

As a successful wholesale rice supplier in Egypt, we have studied the kinds of rice that the country wants. Hence, we give priority to certain types of rice for export to Egypt. The supply differs based on the demand.

Quality Controls

One thing that sets us apart from other rice suppliers is our commitment to quality control. We understand that our customers demand the highest-quality rice products. And we go to great lengths to ensure that every bag of rice we export meets our strict quality standards.

Apart from careful source selection, we also conduct rigorous tests and inspections. This is how we determine that nothing passes without our supervision.

Competitive Pricing and Flexible Shipping Options

Reesha’s rice is sold in Egypt at competitive prices. We know the market well, and we know the need. Hence, our rice is comparatively less expensive and of high quality.

 We also offer flexible shipping options to our customers in Egypt. We work closely with each one to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. Whether you need a small shipment or a large bulk order, we have the expertise and resources to deliver on time.

Building Strong Partnerships

At our company, we are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our customers in Egypt and around the world. Trust, honesty, and integrity are the major principles that have helped us establish these relationships. We are always ready to answer our clients’ queries. Our team is trained to deal with any concerns raised.

As a major wholesale rice supplier in Egypt, we have faced and continue to face numerous challenges. However, never go below a set standard in quality or service. This has helped us to produce consistently good rice products. Our commitment to the trade has made us a top wholesale rice supplier in Egypt.

Reesha General Trading  – Egypt’s top rice wholesale supplier

If you’re a rice importer in Egypt looking for a reliable wholesale supplier, look no further than Reesha. We are dedicated to providing high-quality rice products, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service to customers in Egypt and around the world.  Get in touch to learn more about our products and services.  Let us help you grow your business with the finest rice products available.

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